Title sequence for Cinderella

I just wanted to explore Photoshop and with my interest in motion media, I created several style frames for the title sequence of the movie, Cinderella that was released in 2015. There are still things I would like to improve, but it was a lot of fun designing the frames. Hopefully, I can learn after effects and use it to make a moving title sequence.


I had a character in mind with red hair who wears a purple/blue dress. I wanted my character to look seductive with how she wears and how she looks at the viewer. I was debating whether or not I should have her hair wrap around the horns to make her look more interesting, and I am glad I did it! :D

Alice in progress

Before I start drawing something else other than figures, I decided to give myself a small project! I will be drawing some characters from Alice in Wonderland, but the story will be set in a modern time. I am excited to transform the characters, and I was drawing Alice today with references from my friend and celebrities! It was a lot of fun and I am hoping to finish her by this week :)

Here is a small section of my current progress!



I finally had a chance to paint more details on his face and hands and add more depth in the atmosphere! Working with water color is sooooo fun and it's funny how the face resembles the models that I had for references. Originally, I intended to look at the pose only, but as I kept drawing, I realized that the face I drew started to resemble the models.

I have been drawing a lot of figures lately, but maybe it's time to draw landscapes or something else.....?



It's still work in progress... need to add more details (especially the hand) and fix some areas... I finally got to use some watercolor textures that I made few days ago, and they are actually working well in my drawings lately :)

I have been looking at a lot of Japanese illustrators and I love how they use bold colors and trigger emotional response. I think there are a lot of talented artists who can technically draw well, but I prefer drawings with emotion and style. Hopefully, I can be one of those artists....



Due to possible snow storm here in Savannah, my classes are cancelled for today and tomorrow which means all classes will be behind schedule. :((

The good news is that since I have no homework to do, I decided to paint a new face with different brushes that I downloaded! I also made a lot of watercolor textures for later use which was a lot of fun!