Disney Inspire Day 2013!

Had an amazing opportunity to participate in Inspire Day 2013 in Disney Animation Studio! As soon as I got an e-mail which stated that I was accepted to this event, I immediately booked my flight to Burbank. I stayed in a small but cozy Travelodge and my experience of Inspire Day is just full of wonderfulness! We were introduced to a sneak peak of upcoming "Frozen" which will be released during my birthday, November 27! I am already very excited because from what I've seen, the process that goes to make that animation is truly AMAZING.


After the presentation that talked about the pipeline, I tagged along with a group of students who were interested in look development, and I had a honor to talk to look development artists who were currently working at Disney! Hearing a lot of stories, feedback, and descriptions of what look development does from the actual artists was one of my favorite parts of this whole trip! I can't express my happiness when I stepped my foot inside the studio, and hopefully, I would visit again!