All aspects except smoke (smoke done by Tyler Britton). Maya, Mari, Photoshop, Nuke X


I always have wanted to create a warm countryside kitchen because there are so many interesting objects and materials in the kitchen that we overlook. I did not want to recreate a modern day kitchen, but wanted vintage kitchen that is from late 1800s to early 1900s just because they used object like cast iron stove, pan, and other utensils that we don't see today.

Textures and shading:

Luckily, I was able to find real objects from my professor who owned many cast iron skillets and 1800s copper pot. I also visited antique stores in Savannah that had some kitchen utensils for references. I took many reference photos and for some objects like iron pot, I was able to make masks that I could paint with in Mari.

I also had to create a vector image for the logos of antique ball/kerr jars because I couldn't find high-res logos to use as bump map. Then, I quickly tested out how it would look when the file is used as a bump map for the jars. I also used mia-material X in mentalray for most of the objects.