IKEA commercial "Evolution" 40th Anniversary

Responsible for texturing the chair, cardboard box, and the components inside it that assemble into the chair
Responsible for UVing some of the chair elements
For a full commercial: http://www.themill.com/portfolio/3156/evolution

New York Times: The Modern Games VR Experience

A virtual reality app that brings four historic photographs to life including 1932 LA, 1896 Athens, 1968 New Mexico, and 2008 Beijing Olympics. The app known as "The Modern Games" can be downloaded via New York Times VR app. The user can see the stadiums using VR gears or through their phone. 

More info can be found in below sites:

Responsible for modeling and texturing props mainly for Beijing stadium as well as texturing banners and entryways. 
Assisting other artists with modeling and texturing for other stadiums. 

Samsung commercial "The Chant" Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Responsible for texturing the main plane as shown in the image above
For More info: http://www.themill.com/portfolio/2998/chant?q=samsung